„Small Legal-Audit”

Is your company legally fit?
Does your company pass the „Legal-Audit“?
For 250€ you will know.
Our standard-audit offers for example:
  • contract filing
  • ensuring timely contract-cancelling
  • ensuring legal binding contract-cancelling
  • model contracts including general terms and conditions
  • regulations (e.g. authority/ signature)
  • homepage (imprint)
  • promotion
  • liability credit assurance
  • handling of product liability
Evidences of
  • non-agreed procedures
    (e.g. individual departments are not informed about projects)
  • insufficient flow of information
  • lack of process documentation or project-management documentation
  • evidence of misuse (purchasing/distribution)


1. Your requests

In a personal preliminary talk we assemble your one-stop package containing the chosen check. Thereby we act in accordance with your request.

2. Small legal audit

At this small standard-audit all in all 5 hours of consulting for 250 € are at your deposal. During this time of course not everything can be detected and completely pointed out.

3. Corporate evaluation of the risks

Together we evaluate the risks according to amount of loss and occurrence probability.
0 - 1000 € 1001 - 10.000 € > 10.000 €
4. Result
As a result a report about the checked and detected risks will be drawn up.
Our target is that you are finally able to close security gaps.

Let’s  talk about it!